The Language Institute „Spracheninstitut am Wasaplatz“ offers language courses in form of one-to-one teaching, tailor-made courses and teaching for small groups. It offers mainly courses in English, French and German as a foreign language. Other languages will also be offered in the future. 

You will learn in a relaxed and motivating atmospere. The course usuallly starts by listening to an English song or a French chanson and so you will easily forget the everyday worries by learing a foreign language. Tea, coffee... and something to eat are offered. 

The director of the Language Institute is a trained teacher for modern languages and she got her degree at the University of Regensburg. She lived and worked for several years in the USA and France. She often travelled to African countries where she is very interested in the English language spoken in Kenia and in the French language spoken in the north and in the western part of Africa. 

She also worked in a French hotel  where she was in charge of the reception of the Hotel Basque in Ascain in the French part of the Basque Country in the summer of 1981. 

The Spracheninstitut am Wasaplatz is located in Strehlen near the Technical University and the park „Großer Garten“. It is in Heinrich Zille Strasse 1 near the Wasaplatz and can easily be reached by public transport. Take the tram Nr.9 or 13 or the bus Nr.72 or 61. You can also take S1 from the main station which goes in the direction of Schöna. There you take the stop Strehlen. 

We would love to welcome you as a student in my Language Institute!